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SBS Smart Battery Tester Software Release 3 (Download)

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Part Number: SBTEST-SW3DN
SBS Smart Battery Tester Release 3 (Download) (Data Sheet, Users Guide)
The SBS Smart Battery Tester (SBTest) connects directly to an SBS Smart Battery via an MCC I2C Bus Host Adapter, and provides direct on-screen access to the battery's internal parameters.
SBTest can Read or Write smart battery parameters. Its primary use is to confirm or exercise a smart battery's operation over a period of time. Operations include selection of parameters to access, single or repeated access, display of parameters in engineering units, monitoring of communication events, PEC generation and checking, and logging of selected battery parameters to a comma-delimited file for importation into a spreadsheet program.
New for Release 3
  • PEC Error Mark, Beep, Retry, and Stop.
  • BatteryStatus Error Code Mark, Beep, and Stop.
  • BatteryStatus Alarm Mark, Beep, and Stop.
  • Battery Error Signal Mark, Beep, and Stop.
  • Battery NACK Mark, Beep, Retry, and Stops.
  • Packet Error Check (PEC) Generate/Test support.
  • Smart Battery System v1.1 support.
  • Parameter Access Flash indicator.
  • MCC ASCII Interface (AI) adapter support.
Key Features
  • Supports Smart Battery System (SBS) v1.0 and v1.1.
  • Download and Run NOW cloud Delivery.
  • Provides access to SBS Smart Battery Parameters.
  • Runs on Window XP (x86), Vista (x86/x64), and 7 (x86/x64).
  • Compatible with our I2C Bus Host Adapters.
  • Read (ALL) and Write (PERMITTED) battery parameters.
  • Repeated sequences help track down problems.
  • Write invalid parameter data to test system recovery.
  • Product Development: Software/Hardware Testing and Troubleshooting.
  • Manufacturing: Quality Control, Testing, Debugging.
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