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SBS Smart Battery Emulator Software Version 2 (Download)

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Part Number: SBEMMY-SW2DN
SBS Smart Battery Emulator Software Version 2 (Data Sheet, Users Guide)
The SBS Smart Battery Emulator (SBEmmy) is designed to emulate the messaging system of an SMBus Smart Battery V1.0, providing a tool for SBS Host or Device developers. It provides direct on-screen access to the over 30 parameters within an emulated smart battery. When connected to a Smart Battery System, SBEmmy responds to messages from other SBS devices, and can generate Host and Charger Warning and Alarm messages in accordance with Smart Battery System specifications.
Key Features
  • Supports Smart Battery System (SBS) v1.0.
  • Download and Run NOW cloud Delivery.
  • Provides On-Screen access to SBS Smart Battery Parameters.
  • Runs on Windows XP(0x86), Vista (0x86/0x64), and 7 (0x86/0x64).
  • Compatible with our iPort or iPort DLL/USB I2C Bus Host Adapters.
  • Save battery parameters to a frame file.
  • Run frame sequences to emulate charge/discharge cycle.
  • Set invalid parameter data to test system recovery.
  • Product Development: Software/Hardware Testing and Troubleshooting.
  • Manufacturing: Quality Control, Testing, Debugging.
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