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I2C Bus/SMBus Monitor (USB Interface)

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Part Number: MIIC-101GU
I2C/SMBus Monitor with USB Interface (Datasheet, User's Guide)
The MIIC-101 Bus Monitor is a Stand-Alone and Remote Troubleshooting Tool for the I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) serial bus developed by Philips Semiconductor, or the System Management Bus (SMBus) developed by Intel, and other dervived protocols.
When connected to an I2C Bus, or SMBus network, the MIIC-101 Bus Monitor can collect, display or upload information on all bus activity.
  • Handheld or Remote Unit
  • USB Interface for Remote Operation
  • Capture, Filter, Display, Analyze
  • 100KHz, Address Filtering
  • Real-time Trigger In
  • LCD Data Display, or Optional Analyzer Software
  • World's Most Widely Used I2C Bus Monitor
  • CE Certified
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